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Travel in Belgrade:
Unlike any other European capital city, Belgrade is a small city which is renowned as the capital city of Serbia. If you are planning to travel to Belgrade, then there are some of the fun facts that we would like to share with you.
Dual personality:
the city of Belgrade has a dual personality that has been separated by the Sava River in Belgrade bisect the city into two halves, one represents the new or modern city while the other one represents the old culture or old city.

Travel in Belgrade

Belgrade Serbia View from Old Castle

Do not speak about wars:
Belgrade is a unique city in one of the weirdest senses. It is known as the white Fenix because this city has faced almost 115 wars and also face most of the bombings during both world wars. Now if you intend to travel to Belgrade then avoid the discussions on wars.
Serbian food:
If you are traveling to Belgrade, Serbia then a little bit know, how about the food will give you eating advantage. The food culture of Belgrade would give you a tour of the Belgrade history. The food culture of beggared is a beautiful combination of various cultures and traditions. So if you want to get to know the history of Belgrade then go on a food tour. The overall food culture is Belgrade is no vegetarian as most of the dishes contain cheese, meat, and condiments as a must ingredients.
Tourist spot:
Belgrade is a fantastic city having so many secrets hidden in it, and the biggest of them all is that there is an entire city hidden underneath Belgrade. We want to share some of the tourist attractions with you to make your travel to Belgrade more interesting and memorable.
Church of Saint Sava:
One of the most prominent Orthodox Church and the most mesmerizing buildings in Serbia is undoubtedly the church of Saint Sava. The church is built in commemoration of the greatest educator in the history of Serbia. If you are traveling to Belgrade, then the church of Sava is a must watch the place.
Mikser house:
Do you want to know one location that serves as the jack of all trades? Then there is no other place than Mikser house. This place serves as a boutique, event organizer, a workshop and an epitome of friendly societies.
The Victor of Kalemegdan
The Victor of kalemegdan is a monument built to envisage the victory of Serbia over Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires. The monument portrays the spirit of the Siberian people to take down any threat to the sovereignty and good will of Serbia. This monument is built in the famous Belgrade tourist attraction- the Belgrade fortress. So if you ever find yourself in Belgrade do visit this historical monument to pay tribute to the fighting spirit of the Serbian people.
Skadarlija Street:
Want to enjoy the Belgrade oldest known bands? Then to schedule a visit to Skadarlija Street. This place holds the largest mass of talent in the whole Belgrade city including journalist, musician, writers, and artist. Now, this street is a hub of traditional taverns, restaurants, and promenade, where the young generation gathers and share their views on every topic.
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